From the Darkness to the Light

Hi. I will choose to keep my name anonymous but, for the purposes of his blog you can call me Jane. As of 2018, I am 28 years old, I weight 48kg, I have tawny hair, and I am depressed.

I’m writing this because I want to put down on paper what it feels like. I want to try and convey just what it means to feel like this, to feel at such odds with the world. Lord knows I can’t speak to my Mom or Dad about it, so it’s just me and this blank screen and maybe you, reader, to lend me your ears.

I guess this is about more than simply telling you how it feels. It’s to be an ongoing exploration of what I’ve done and are doing to try and change this. It manifests in my body as heaviness, sloth, aching joints, an ever present torpor.

And in my mind a discordancy. A sense of the world not making sense, like broken spectacles obscuring an ordinary downtown street.